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thanks for still watching my page :-) I know, I haven't put something new up in a long time, but life is full of work at the moment - internship at the psychiatric hospital for three whole months. Very interesting, but it's a workload, which I thankfully do with a wonderful study collegue and friend of mine :-)

I hope I'll have some time in the future to post more than just scraps.

Hugs to you all,

love, Blacki
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Merry Christmas by blackhair85

Another year went by so fast, it´s hard to keep up :D

Thank you for all the encouraging comments and for choosing to watch my work.

I´ve got a lot to do right now, my studies, my work and an internsship - all of these three things demand most of my time (I need a day that last longer than 24h ;)), but I try not to ignore my artistic streak.

A little sidenote:

Please, if you want to contact me or send me a message, whatever, send me an email to the email adress that is displayed beneath. Otherwise I´m likely not to answer, not because I´m mean, but because I tend to log off while totally forgetting the notes :blush: (call me scatterbrain)

My apologies.

Take care and I wish you a enjoyable Advent season!
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All I can say is wow and thank you to all Deviants out there who took their time to take a look at my gallery.

It´s a wonderful present at the New Year´s beginning, especially when the last weeks of the old year haven´t been exactly great for me, because my grandfather died just a week before christmas and I wasn´t in good health either.

But your support and comments on my artwork means very much to me and encourage me.

Thanks for that.

Love Ya and Take care,



Mon Nov 19, 2007, 5:47 AM
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...but busy...

Well, I´m ashamed that I´ve let you wait so long for new pictures... truth is, I haven´t had much time to produce proper artwork during the last months, lots of things happened, not all of them positive.

I struggle to find my rythm again... now with my studies continuing and so on...

Just want to say: You guys out there are truly amazing, your comments are so dear to me, I appreciate your reviews on my work and I´m very grateful forso much pageviews: over 8,000!!!!

Love all of you, I really do :D

Take care and my best wishes to you.

    Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.
        Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

Btw, I´ve uploaded a new, little piece to the scrap section:

Alex Eames in a Goren shirt... by blackhair85

Just to prove my skills haven´t gone all that rusty... ;)

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After two weeks of rushing crazily through my studies, exams, work and anything else that decided to make my life fast and stressful I have the time to lay back and give artwork more than one thought... ^^;

Truth is, I tend to be chaotic.. which I try to redemy by coming up with seemingly great time-tables and plans how to organize myself. Not that it helps much, but I tend to get better every year - or so I believe :D

So I´m very grateful for every single one of you who dedicates some of his/her precious time to visiting my gallery and leaving wonderful comments.

Be assured I treasure each word and am very happy to read them. :hug: I can´t thank you enough.

I want to show you the wonderful gift, baby-pengu:iconbaby-pengu: (check out her multifacetedgallery!!!) has sent me.

Thank you, my dear! :blowkiss:

New Prints

Thu Apr 19, 2007, 6:38 AM
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I decided to get a Premium Print Account last week and therefore set up some of my paintings as prints:

                              Ballerina by blackhair85

Mature Content

Nude Back by blackhair85

Untitled by blackhair85 Recreation no.2 by blackhair85 Recreation no.1 by blackhair85
Meditation by blackhair85

                               Male Nude by blackhair85 No.1 by blackhair85

Im already anxious about wholl be interested in them... :D


Tue Apr 10, 2007, 10:13 AM
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Uploaded... (Finally)

Sometimes I´m sooo dense... I was always wondering where those "Scraps" came from in other artist´s galleries - and today I had the wonderfully bright idea to look up in the FAQ section to see what those scraps are and how one can submit them... :blush:

Yeah. Right.


So from now on, you´ll get to see sketches, scratches and other unfinished artwork of mine... I kindly ask you to review them as well, since I believe that one can judge the abilities of an artist from this work much better than from a finished painting. I may be wrong, but I trust your judgement (:aww:)

So, critisize ahead!!!


      Sketch II by blackhair85 Sketch I by blackhair85 Dancer by blackhair85


Tue Apr 10, 2007, 6:16 AM
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Traditional Artist (MC) Vol. 9…

My talented and thoughtful fellow artist, :iconsandrapelly: SandraPelly has again made the effort of uploading a Collection of Traditional Artist here on DA to display their work... and she was so kind to feature my painting "Nude Back"….

Thank you so much!

Btw, please check out the other artists, they are all very talented and their work really is worth seeing!…
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Dear Deviants,

I so want to thank you for all your wonderful comments on my art, and of course for the DD "No.1" - a huge thank you to De-Profundis - it means so much to me.

Please feel free to comment and critisize my other paintings as well, I still need to improve...

My best wishes to everyone,

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Ok, now I´ve regularly and dutifully updated my gallery for a whole month and there are so many people already who like my artwork! I´m so happy about it and thankful for their kind words and support. All of them keep me going!

So I hope I will manage for the next month too, and the one after that. *lol*

Thank you all so much!

I wish everyone out here a (quite belated) happy "New Year" 2007!

I hope to finally achieve a nice showcase of my artwork, as I promised last year. So let 2007 be a creative, eventfull and prospering year of Art, Imagination and Friensship!

Greetings, Sumi
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Ok, I´m so sorry for  being so sloppy (shame on me)... I´m going to reorganize and to update my account so that it is suitable for viewing. It may take a few weeks, but I´ll manage, I promise...
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